What is heart attack?

Heart Beat Heart attack is an injury to heart muscle caused by complete loss of blood supply usually due to blood clot. Clot formation is the response of body towards bleeding.bleeding occurs due to rupture of atherosclerotic plaques in coronary arteries.this tendency is more in the patients of coronary artery disease with hypertension & diabetes due to increased hemodynamic stress.

It is not necessary that all patients having blockages suffers from heart attack it is one of the causative factor.

Heart attack occurs due to blood clot as a result of response of body towards bleeding and blockages are made up of fat particles .

Let us understand Coronary artery disease :-

Heart is a strong muscular pump in our body it pumps about 5 liters of blood every minute every hour of every day.

Just like any other muscle in our body heart requires continuous supply of blood to function properly.

Coronary arteries play important role in this respect our heart muscles get oxygen rich blood through these coronary arteries.

Coronary artery disease is the narrowing or blockage of these arteries caused by atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis(Hardening) is the buildup of fatty deposits(Plaques)&cholesterol on the internal layer of arteries Which interferes with the blood flow through these arteries

When the supply of blood does not meet the demand ANGINA PECTORIS happens.

What is angina pectoris?

It refers to tightness in chest symptoms are as follows.

c/o - crushing chest pain

  • Pain radiating to left shoulder, throat, jaw, between shoulder blades often precipitated by physical &psychological stress, cold whether , heavy meal.
  • Breathlessness
  • Palpitations
  • Giddiness

As per ayurveda atherosclerosis ie. Degeneration of blood vessels is caused by increased vata which make them hard,dry,thin &rough.

Deposition of lipids& calcium represents deposition of kapha which results in irregular thickening of blood vessels.

So,as per ayurveda coronary artery disease is caused by increase vata& vitiation kapha in the blood vessels

How Ayurveda can help?

Herbo mineral medicines given in standard ayurvedic texts helps to boost metabolism so further formation of blockages can be prevented.

It reduces serum cholesterol and stops atherosclerotic changes in coronary arteries.

Activation collateral circulation around blocked arteries so that heart can receive maximum blood supply in addition to main vessels.

Overall increase in functional capacity of heart is the end result of our treatment.

Collateral circulation

Coronary collaterals are interconnections between portions of same coronary artery with different coronary artery. This collateral circulation is an important alternative source of blood supply when original artery fails to provide sufficient Blood supply. Well developed collaterals not only provides blood supply but also eliminate chances of infarction ( cell death) at the time of emergency.

In normal individuals with atherosclerosis this type of collateral circulation is poorly developed so that chances of episodes of ischemia and cell death are more at the time of Heart attack in such patients. Our own formulated medicines helps to grow these collaterals in numbers & size. So these well developed collaterals increases blood supply to heart and protect heart cells at the time of emergency.

Rejuvenation of heart cells helps to increase overall exercise tolerance capacity of heart in our patients.

Schematic drawing of the coronary artery circulation without (A) and with interarterial anastomoses (B) between the right coronary artery and the occluded left anterior descending artery (occluded downstream of the third diagonal branch).

1) Some months back I had chest pain and high blood pressure I Was not able to walk freely immediately I consulted cardiologist Who narrated that 80% blockages in my heart arteries & told me to Get operated Meanwhile I had tried some medicines but could not get Relief ultimately to better luck I mate with Dr Prashant Gujar & with in 6 months period blockages, BP & diabetes came to normal. Now I can Walk freely. Thanks to Dr. Gujar.

- G.S.Bandagale (Parel)

2) Heart attack on 29/11/2009 hospitalization 1 week iccu There after on medication &diet control I had lost confidance lost weight I took complete bed rest for two months still could not start my work Normally. On Jan 2010 I visited Dr. Gujar's clinic & started treatment Today I am doing normal work activities(10 to 12 hrs/ day) after the Treatment I travelled in india & abroad without any problem. Thanks to Dr. Gujar.

- S. M. Gad (Andheri)

3) 3) There were many blockages in my heart as per angiography report due to that I could not walk I was suffering from breathlessness , chest pain & irregular heart beats cardiologist adviced me to get operated for the same but I was not mentally & financially prepared Mean while one of my friend told me about Dr Gujar I Stared his treatment & there after with in a short span I felt better I completed his course Today I can conduct my routine activities normally God bless him!

- L. G. Tirodkar (mira Road)