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Ayurvedic concept of Heart its physiology , pathological changes , preventive & curative measures have already been described several years ago by great ayurvedic scholars Charak , Sushrut & Vagbhata which clears the existence of heart diseases more than 1000 years back.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest & well developed system of medicine which has spread to east and west & contributed to the development of today's system of medicine.

In ancient ayurvedic texts Heart is denoted as 'HRIDAYA' it's a Sanskrit word HRI – Means to receive , DA – means to give away , YA- means to be active. So according to it heart receives venous blood send it to lungs for oxygenation again receives oxygenated blood then send it to entire body for nourishment of body tissues through contraction and relaxation

As per ayurveda heart is a muscular tissue or organ with involuntary muscles and man has no control on these muscles because of these involuntary muscle activities person is unable to know changes occurring in heart.

Ayurveda considers Heart, Brain, Kidney as vital organs in other words they are tripods of life. According to ayurvedic pathophysiology abnormal changes in heart develops when there is derangement in Doshas,Dhatus,Malas ,Strotas ( channels),Agni( digestive fire), Ojas ( vitality) .

Vata, Pitta ,Kapha are the three doshas (Humours) known to conduct physiochemical & physiological activities in the body. In state of normalcy they act for development , strength, complexion , cheerfulness etc. But in a state of aggravated form they produce abnormalities or diseases.

The cause of pathophysiological changes in these doshas are due to diurnal , nocturnal , seasonal changes , effect of unhealthy & unsuitable food & other activities unfavourable to body , constitution ,aging process etc.

There are Three Malas (Excretory matter) they are Faeces ,Urine , Perspiration. During natural course of life these substances should be excreted daily any derangement in these leads to several diseases including symptoms of Cardiovascular diseases .

There are innumerable Strotas (Channels) in basic tissue through which fluid flows to give nourishment to tissues of the body.

  • Pranvaha strotas (Respiratory channels)
  • Rasavaha strotas(Blood plasma& fluid)
  • Annavaha strotas( Digestive channels)
  • Manovaha strotas( Nervous system)

Are main channels for physiological function of the heart when any vitiation occurs in these channels pathological( abnormal) changes take place.Faulty diet & other factors are responsible for vitiation of these Dosha, Dhatu , Mala, strotas , agni ( digestive fire) , ojas & Mind.

They are as follows :

  • Oily , fried & spicy food
  • Very dry & hard to digest food
  • Overeating
  • Indigestion
  • Eating food before the first eaten one is digested.
  • Irregular way of eating
  • Food not suitable to body constitution
  • Faulty management of disorders

  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Over exertion
  • Sedentary life style
  • Obesity
  • Anxiety , fear ,mental stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Cardiac trauma.

Apart from above mentioned factors there are other evidences for precipitating heart diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension ,Smoking , alcohol, emotional , physical , environmental & financial stress.

From above mentioned description it very clear that ayurveda always concentrate on root cause of the disease. If your root cause remains untreated disease may occur again and again.

1) Some months back I had chest pain and high blood pressure I Was not able to walk freely immediately I consulted cardiologist Who narrated that 80% blockages in my heart arteries & told me to Get operated Meanwhile I had tried some medicines but could not get Relief ultimately to better luck I mate with Dr Prashant Gujar & with in 6 months period blockages, BP & diabetes came to normal. Now I can Walk freely. Thanks to Dr. Gujar.

- G.S.Bandagale (Parel)

2) Heart attack on 29/11/2009 hospitalization 1 week iccu There after on medication &diet control I had lost confidance lost weight I took complete bed rest for two months still could not start my work Normally. On Jan 2010 I visited Dr. Gujar's clinic & started treatment Today I am doing normal work activities(10 to 12 hrs/ day) after the Treatment I travelled in india & abroad without any problem. Thanks to Dr. Gujar.

- S. M. Gad (Andheri)

3) 3) There were many blockages in my heart as per angiography report due to that I could not walk I was suffering from breathlessness , chest pain & irregular heart beats cardiologist adviced me to get operated for the same but I was not mentally & financially prepared Mean while one of my friend told me about Dr Gujar I Stared his treatment & there after with in a short span I felt better I completed his course Today I can conduct my routine activities normally God bless him!

- L. G. Tirodkar (mira Road)

4) Suffered a mild heart attack on 03/11/2010 hence I visited my family doctor who advised me to undergo stress test which was positive & consequently I was required to undergo angiography where it was confirmed that there are blockages in my heart I was advised for angioplasty as early as possible for which I was already prepared meanwhile my branch manager advised me to go for Dr. Gujar. for ayurvedic treatment where as he himself was operated for angioplasty in Jan 2010. Nevertheless I decided to go for Dr. Gujar. & I started my treatment from 10/01/2011 consequently I started felling totally healthy with his treatment.

- D. R. Kochle (Vashi)